PLA fibers' range

We propose you a large range of PLA fibers.

PLA fibers can be made in natural color (white) or dope dyed in the color of your choice. In this case just inform us the PANTONE code of the desired color.

Please note that we ONLY use biodegradable dyes.Indeed, why buy a biodegradable fiber from PLA if it is to dye it with harmful chemical dyes to the environment.

We offer the following PLA fibers :

- Solid white PLA fiber, regular,

- Solid dope dyed PLA fiber, regular,

- Solid siliconised PLA fiber, regular,

- Hollow white PLA fiber, regular,

- Hollow siliconised PLA fiber, regular

- Solid white PLA fiber, short cut 1.5D x 5mm

Regular sizes are 1.5D x 38mm, 3D x 51mm, 6D x 64mm and 7D x 64mm, but we can also investigate the realization other size for your specific requirement.

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Natural PLA fiber

Blue dope dyed pla fiber

Yellow dope dyed pla fiber